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Mayilattam also known as mayilnritham is a ritual art performed by the artists in peacock costumes. It is performed in Subramanya temples in South Kerala in reverence to Lord Subhramanya. The performers wears decorated costumes all over the body like a peacock with a beak that can be moved using threads.
The dancer performs bare foot and also on the stick that are attached to at the end of his feet. This art requires extensive training and practice.  

One of the traditional dances of Kerala, Mayilattam is performed only by female dancers by and large in the Hindu temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in veneration to Lord Subrahmanya. The name literally means the dance of peacock (mayil means peacock and attam dance).
The performers are dressed up as Lord Subrahmanya traveling on a Peacock. Peacock feathers are used to deck the dress. The shimmering head dress has a peacock beak in it which is movable as it is tied with a thread. The performance requires great skill and practice. Closely resembling Mayilattam are art forms like Karadi Attam, where the dancer is dressed as a bear, Aali Aattam in which the dancer is dressed as a demon and Kaalai Attam in which the dancer is dressed as a bull. We are situated at Palakkad, Kerala.
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