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Are you looking for high quality website maintenance services at the lowest cost in your local area of ​​Palakkad? We guarantee you the best website maintenance services. We provide an existing yearly plan for maintaining and supporting your website. Most people need in-depth work rather than finding the time or knowing how to do it well, so they turn to outside digital marketing agencies or vendors to maintain their website for them.


Why a Website Needs Ongoing Maintenance?

There are a lot of moving parts that keep websites up and running seamlessly. Think of it as a car, you buy a car, and then you continue to maintain it so that it does not get damaged. You need to check the engine oil and some other things regularly. Because if you do not do this regularly, your car is going to lose and the car market will reduce its price. This also applies to your website, if your business has a website, you need to maintain it. Because if you do not do so, your brand loyalty may be lost, new acquisitions will be left unattended, and your ready-made customers will abandon your brand and become subscribers to other brands. Some plug-in software may need to be updated immediately when it becomes obsolete. Regular maintenance will help eliminate any problems users may have on your site.


Professional Website maintenance

High Quality Website Maintenance Services in Palakkad

We usually provide an annual maintenance charge (AMC) for clients who need occasional updates, and providing only services such as renewal and security without AMC for those who do not require occasional updates. Or also you have an option to rent our services whenever you need them. Then we charge accordingly. Our fee charges are very affordable as we don't want to make you overburden. We are working at far less rate than market which shows our care towards our customers.

Web Security

If your website isn't well-maintained, it quickly becomes an easy target for hackers. This is especially true for sites that run a WordPress content management system (CMS), as they accounted for almost 90% of all hacked CMS sites in 2018. These include vulnerable plugins, themes, and incorrect configurations. You need a secure website to protect your customers, your business, and your reputation. If customers lose trust in your website, it's likely they'll lose trust in you, too.

Spending money on a web maintenance plan may seem like the opposite of saving money, but with this small investment you can save tens of thousands and millions of rupees. If problems on your website go unnoticed or go unnoticed, a website may go down or broken, wasting your business, revenue and time.

Routine Website and Server Maintenance


This usually includes ongoing or monthly security updates, installation of the most up-to-date software, and optimizations to enhance web performance and speed. A website should be thought of as a living document that's never entirely complete.

If something goes wrong, like a hack or a downed server, you need a fast response. Team members with context and familiarity with your website and its functionality will be able to resolve the concerns more quickly. A web maintenance plan can also ensure your site takes priority in an emergency.